Terms & Conditions

See below the terms and conditions of using our service. Please read these terms carefully and
contact us if you have questions. By purchasing our products and services you are confirming that
you have read and agreed to our terms.

Privacy Policy

Club Copper shall implement and maintain procedures for protecting personal information that you
may give to us. This will be compliant with applicable law and Copperwood Hospitality Privacy Policy.
Any information that you give to us will not be kept after the use of our services. The only piece of
information that we will keep is your email address if you agree for us to do so. This information will
then be used to send you updated information on the business and the services that we are offering,
so for informational purposes only.

Payment Policy

In regards to payment we accept a variety of payment methods. These different payment options are either via BACS, Debit & Credit Card. When signing up to Club Copper there is an initial payment of £49.99. From there we require details for monthly instalments of £19.99. We shall send your monthly package after receiving your monthly payment. If your monthly payment is not received we shall not send that month’s package.

Cancellation Policy

Once set up on our Club Copper monthly plan you are not tied to any contract. If you do decide that you would no longer like to be a member you can either either call or email us to cancel your subscription. If you decided to cancel after a monthly instalment has been taken we will not issue you a refund and still send that month’s package. However any future month’s you will not be charged and your subscription will be terminated. If we have not received payment from you for three months in a row and not heard from you we shall terminate your subscription and cancel your direct debit.

Delivery Policy

With your Club Copper package delivery is inclusive so you will not be charged any additional fee whatever the size the package we send you. Once your product is in the hands of the carrier we will not be held liable for the any loss or breakages.

Return Policy

If you feel that any of our products that we send you are not up to the standard that we set please contact us for further information. If this is the case we will ask you to return the product to us and we will issue you with a full refund.

Age Policy

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are proving that you are 18 or over. We will not be held liable to any underage drinking.

Covid – 19

With the current events of Covid – 19 we are taking extra precautions to make sure that all items that we send to you are fully sanitised and safe to use. Protecting yourselves our carriers and us.